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Fresh for 2010, an update!

Viva Vegan! book out April 27 2010

If you’re wondering if it does indeed feel embarrassing to tend to a much neglected blog, well wonder no more. Consider me humbled. I have seen your small requests, questions and posts and figured all the while that I should probably do something about this.

So, here’s the deal.

I am no longer in need of recipe testers at this moment, but I am deeply appreciative of all who responded. That germ of a cookbook idea is now nearly a fully assembled, typeset manuscript right next to me on my desk. The recipes are done and the photos are taken. I’m just in the home stretch of checking things once, maybe twice. Strange to realize that that what started actually two years ago is nearly over. It feels a little like coming home from a really long vacation to find that your luggage is already unpacked and your kitchen learned how to stock the fridge on it’s own.

But your testing requests will be answered someday soon: there will certainly be books in the near future and I’ll post up the need for testers once more.

Viva Vegan! (Vegan Recipes for Latin Food Lovers) is available for pre-order on Amazon and should be released April 27 2010. It feels surreal writing 2010 and realizing that means right now, not 2008. My publisher would have an official release date of May 5th for that proper tamale-festival feel. We’ll know more as those dates approach. Hopefully by the end of this month the manuscript will be out of my hair for good, once and for all. Margaritas on the house everyone!

In regards to this dusty little blog you see here, I aim to transform it into something more updated, more informative, more bloggy. Sites are set for sometime in mid-March.

Until then the best way to keep tabs on is via Twitter. Yeah, that thing, I’m on it now. Look for terryhope and follow me…never know I could follow you back. Until then, thanks for reading!


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I break for recipe testers!

I’ve only posted my search for testers here and on a local board populated mostly by friends, but the response has been wonderful and encouraging. Thank you everyone who has signed up!

I estimate that I should have everything up and running toward the end of next week, and then everyone who has contacted me will get a heads up. I’ll also post here when testing has officially kicked off…and if you signed up and haven’t heard from me by then please bother me and I’ll make sure you haven’t been forgotten.

If you’re just chancing upon this call for testing now there is still time to be included. There is also the chance that I may do a second wave of tester sourcing down the road. So if recipe testing interests you but you can’t see yourself doing it now, but maybe come March or April, let me know here and I’ll keep you in mind.

Until then maybe invest in some containers to bring lunch to work. If you’re hitting the kitchen as much as I am you may just find yourself with lots of tasty leftovers for lunch!


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Wanted: Vegan Latina cookbook testers

Salvadorian pupusas stuffed with black beans, fried plantains & tofu chicharrones

Salvadorian pupusas stuffed with black beans, fried plantains & tofu "chicharrones"

Greetings from the long lost. A lot has been going on and it’s done a fine job at keeping me away from blogging. But big things are coming down the pike. To be brief:

This is my first quiet call-out for testers for my upcoming Latin American themed vegan cookbook, known for now as Vegan Latina. I hope to have a full-fledged private testing forum in the next few weeks. What to expect should you choose to sign up:

-A mélange of vegan recipes with Latin American sabór! Sometimes I will veganize traditional favorites while other recipes are purely driven by inspiration. This will feature the whole enchilada including: soups, salad, desserts, sauces, entrees, sides, sweets, etc.

-A lot of recipes to test, but this all depends on you. I will be posting over 100 recipes for testing. Anyone who tests at least five recipes will get a thank you in the book. Testers that are gung-ho and test more (an amount I’ll determine soon, but if you’re psyched and an enthusiastic cook you will certainly qualify), will get a copy of the book for free.

So, ultimately how much time you are willing to donate will figure into how many recipes you want to test. I appreciate and value all the help I can get!

Not familiar with Latino cooking? Well then I hope to get you a little more comfortable around it. Generally you’ll be eating healthy with plenty of fresh veggies, grains and beans. But of course there will be dessert and a little frying now and then. There may be ingredients unusual or hard to come by, but that’s part of the testing process. If you’re willing to do a little online ordering for ingredients then hopefully everyone can be covered. And there’s always substitutions!

Who I am looking for: the open minded, home-cooking-lovin’, internet-using person who thinks they can swing at least two home cooked meals a week and post about how it went on an online forum. You don’t even have to be vegan to cook this stuff, just excited to give it a chance! Of course if you cook like five meals in one evening once a week, or five little things over the course of a week and a half that works too. I’m just generalizing what kind of pacing will be needed for testing recipes.

I estimate that testing should span early February to late spring/early summer.

If this sounds like something you want to do, please give it a shot! Respond to this post and I will contact you shortly.

Oh, besides all of that I’m up to my eyeballs in cookies (and there are so many more I haven’t had a chance to post pics of here).


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Thanks for voting us awesome!

Your vote counts!

Your vote counts!

I’ve been running around like a maniac cooking up stuff for the two new books, enjoying the kickin’ fall cold weather and wrestling with the ever important day job. But not too busy to say thanks (belatedly for sure, I know) to everyone that took the time to participate in VegNews’ Veggie Awards and that voted Isa and I your Favorite Cookbook Authors of 2008. Rest assure that we’re never resting, but slaving over hot stoves, lugging home the groceries and typing like mad on our keyboards to bring you more kick-ass cookbooks for years to come.


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Veganmofo 13: I’ll take one Vegan please (and goodbye ‘mofo)

Id add watercress to everything if you let me

I'd add watercress to everything if you let me

Secret vegan sandwich alert. Well not really secret or an alert, but if you’re lost in Manhattan amidst a sea of Burger King and Quiznos and feeling spendy then high-end NYC sandwich chain ‘Wichcraft hears your call.

‘Wichcraft saves the day with a forward-thinking, luscious sandwich that’s worth the occasional forgetting to pack lunch for. Known to the public as the Chopped Chickpea sandwich, the staff end of the receipt reveals it’s covertly known as the VEGAN. I had to beg my slightly confused sandwich server to let me have her receipt, the one she uses to locate which sandwich belongs to whom.

After almost overdosing on this lovely creation within the first few months of not one, but two of them open near my job I’m now back in the habit. Two slabs of peasant bread nestle tangy chopped chickpeas, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and paper-thin slices of preserved lemon. That’s right, preserved lemon makes this a work of art. I typically customize my order with the addition of watercress (no charge!), but I’d happily pay up another dollar for my favorite crunchy green thing.

I adore this brilliant move on the part of ‘Wichcraft. It excites me when I see mainstream companies, even this “niche” upscale chain, unexpectedly cater to vegan needs.

This sandwich is just an occasional treat, with its recession-unfriendly price tag and dripping with abundant oil. Then again an almost healthy, veggie-laced lunch in midtown Manhattan is usually designed to clean out your change purse. And after a week of eating from the same giant pot of homemade beans or soup for lunch a splurge is inevitable.

And so ends my experiment in Veganmofo today too. It’s been great in many ways and it’s given me the inspiration and motivation to join the vegan blogging masses, who are always good company. I jumped on late but it’s better than not doing anything at all, and that means you too, other late-joining Veganmofoer. Cheers and hurray to everyone that participated and blogged like hell along the way. Go bake a dozen pumpkin cupcakes to celebrate if your fingers haven’t fallen off from all that typing just yet!


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Veganmofo 12: Poll: Seitanic Confessions (set puns to stun, possibly ouch)

Like a brat out of hell...newly born seitan ain't pretty

Like a brat out of hell...newly born seitan ain't pretty

Seitan worshippers out there, by what method do you oversee the preparation of everyone’s favorite devilishly delicious wheat meat? With Halloween near let us gather in mass to sing the praises of our high protein, low-fat overlord!

Did you discovered the pleasures of steaming your homemade seitan and convert after one too many boiled “brainy” lumps? Is baking in broth the way you get your kicks, or does your hand-me-down slow cooker seethe with fiendish gluten delights? Or are you a devote member of the ancient cult of (almost) boiling atop the stove, always getting perfect results every time in an eerie way that confirms what your mother said about you being possessed by vegan cooking demons (she did say that, no?).


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