Veganmofo 8: Weekend Review, better late than never

A long sleepy Monday and a forgotten camera cable has me putting my weekend write up on Tuesday. That’s how the ‘mofo unmofos sometimes I’m afraid.

This entire spring and summer passed me by without having a proper picnic with my nerdy friends, so this weekend after about a month of agononizing about the weather (which seems to almost always suck on the weekends of memory lately). Last Monday foretold of rain and gloom, but this Saturday proved otherwise. Gorgeous sun and cool crisp fall proved excellent picnicing weather in Brooklyn’s gorgeous Prospect Park in my book, or until about 4pm when everyone was freezing.

Veganomicon Muffuletta in the great outdoors

Veganomicon Muffuletta in the great outdoors

Just because it was a picnic it gave me the perfect excuse to throw together one of my most favorite sandwiches ever, the Veganomicon Spinach & Eggplant Muffaletta. Dubbed “Dagwood” worthy by Eppy, I was up before 8am Saturday running around the neighborhood to find that right crusty round boule of bread and get a tender young eggplant a-roastin’. Time was not on my side so I needed a shortcut: a jarred bruschetta mixture of chopped olives, sundried tomatoes and capers (the “Mediterranean” flavor of whatever brand it was), served up as a instant substitute for olive salad. I did doctor it up with more thyme, oregano and the all important celery seed. And some more Kalamata olives, garlic-stuffed olives and sun-dried tomatoes, which of course made me wonder why I didn’t just go ahead and make the olive salad.

I do recommend you bring a sandwich like this at least once in your life to a picnic. Literally traffic stops as everyone just ooooos and ahhhhs and looks down at their soggy PB & J or wrinkly hot dogs.

Cowboy cookies wrangle them in every time

Cowboy Cookies wrangle them in every time

But do make them feel a little more secure about their picnic food choices by sharing some homemade cookies. Like some Cowboy Cookies (from a recipe for you guessed it, the upcoming cookie). What tons of coconut, pecans and chocolate chunks have to do with cowboys is a question for the ages. I just know that these cookies can kick the ass of beef jerky (stereotypical cowboy food I know) every time.

Later on that night the Robot Uprising wrapped up it’s last performance to a full house, and even more deliciously the bake sale was a raging success. Humans and androids alike flip over peanut butter chocolate dipped binary balls, robotic red velvet cupcakes and chocolate dipped CPUcakes. I anticipate our vegan-nerdy baking crew will be ready to do it again the next time Figment Theater calls us to arms.

Chickpea cutlet and rejected then hoarded roasted Brussels

Chickpea cutlet and rejected then hoarded roasted Brussels

Last but not least on the menu for today’s lunch is the venerable chickpea cutlet, accompanied mustard sauce (not shown), all of Veganomicon fame. This is the special family night dinner that I try to make happen once a week, usually on a Monday night before our traditional viewing of RAW vs. Smackdown. Yes, that’s wrestling to you. Typically all that cooking makes me a little sleepy by 10:30, but that’s okay because usually the most entertaining matches are just a fond memory by that point. And all those Brussels sprouts? My partner attempted one, made horrid faces and refused to go near me till I brushed my teeth. He losses and I cruise with all the sprouts!



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12 responses to “Veganmofo 8: Weekend Review, better late than never

  1. I will make that muffaletta someday! Who cares if Herzy hates olives? He can scrape them off!

  2. From now on I am going to bring that sandwich to every picnic!

  3. You and Isa taught me to like brussels sprouts!

  4. I yoinked half of that sandwich and it was the highlight of the picnic for me!

  5. fortheloveofguava

    Well worth the wait… that looks delicious… I must organize a picnic before we lose this weird Fall heat!

  6. That muffaletta is a total show stealer. I’ve served it to omnis and vegans who have all declared it the best picnic sandwich ever.

  7. I heart those cowboy cookies.

  8. Dang, that’s one helluva sandwich. Brussels score, nice!

  9. shmeeps

    i find something completely magical about a round-edged sandwich. mmmmmmmmmmm.

  10. Whoa, now that’s a sandwich! And I’ll have some of your brussel sprouts and chickpea cutlet, please!

    Btw, you are tagged!

    I don’t think anyone has gotten you yet, so there you go! Now let’s see your freezer!

  11. Whoops just realized I used an excess of exclamation points in my last comment!!!!! Haha Sorry about that.

  12. bex

    I just made that muffuletta, we ate a chunk of the olive mix well before it made it to the sammie.

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