Veganmofo 11: Ice (can’t stop) Screaming

As previously confirmed by your responses, it’s always ice cream season. Friggin’ cold weather be damned. Just through on another hoodie and you’re ready to take ice cream eating to the fall-weathered streets.

After an excellent dinner at Angelica Kitchen on Friday, maybe the best I’ve had there yet (a fall-themed vegan bisteeya served with roasted turnips that were as mellow, juicy and sweet as grilled zucchini), we headed over to Lula’s, the brand spanking new all vegan ice cream parlor in the LES.

Sign of the times

Sign of the times

So many times after having a fabulous vegan meal in the East Village have I thought how great would it be to get a little scoop of something sweet to round out the meal. The shiny and new Lula’s is a dream come true, an adorable slip of a store with stylish exposed brick walls and shelves of shiny jars filled with truly vegan treats and toppings. Most of the ice creams are house-made and the soft serve is good old Temptation. Also on tap that evening was Temptation Fair Trade Green Tea hard ice cream. And how can you not love an ice cream shop that serves up the goods with shovel-shaped spoons that insures maximum cool creamy goodness gets into your mouth even faster?

If only this cone was as big as my head

If only this cone was as big as my head

Thanks to an uber-healthy dinner I was stuffed with vegetables and could only muster a single dipped wafer cone. Peanut butter chocolate cookie ice cream sans topping was the perfect choice for savoring slowly. Lula’s ice cream chefs look to expand beyond the realm of soy dairy into nut-based ice creams and this soy-free flavor had a luscious dense texture similar to gelato.

Still life in ice cream perfection

Still life in ice cream perfection

Eppy made us regret all our choices with his old fashioned ice cream sundae. Let the picture do the talking.

On my way over to dinner I walked past the Top Chef trailer right off of Union Square. I don’t get much time for television these days but I can’t stop watching if Top Chef and I cross paths. Top Chef-heads out there, what are you looking forward to in this new NYC season?

This isnt Top Cab pal. Try next season.

This isn't Top Cab pal. Try next season.



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8 responses to “Veganmofo 11: Ice (can’t stop) Screaming

  1. Terry,
    You win, I’m jealous.


  2. you do win. i am forwarding the link to this post to my old NYC pals, right now. if i can’t have this ice cream, at least they can!

  3. fortheloveofguava

    mmm… I agree… anytime is Ice Cream time!

  4. So true, it’s always ice cream time. I wish I could grab your scone.

  5. ugh. jealous. ugh.

    I have yet to try the Temptation hard ice cream.

  6. baliwhat

    Mmm, I must go here when I got to NY in a few weeks…it looks amazing!

  7. I’m so envious! I really want that sundae. Seattle has a lot of vegan places, but nothing like that. I gotta visit NYC.

  8. I can’t wait to go to Lula’s! I’m coming to NYC in November, maybe you’re in to another Lula’s excursion?

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