Veganmofo 12: Poll: Seitanic Confessions (set puns to stun, possibly ouch)

Like a brat out of hell...newly born seitan ain't pretty

Like a brat out of hell...newly born seitan ain't pretty

Seitan worshippers out there, by what method do you oversee the preparation of everyone’s favorite devilishly delicious wheat meat? With Halloween near let us gather in mass to sing the praises of our high protein, low-fat overlord!

Did you discovered the pleasures of steaming your homemade seitan and convert after one too many boiled “brainy” lumps? Is baking in broth the way you get your kicks, or does your hand-me-down slow cooker seethe with fiendish gluten delights? Or are you a devote member of the ancient cult of (almost) boiling atop the stove, always getting perfect results every time in an eerie way that confirms what your mother said about you being possessed by vegan cooking demons (she did say that, no?).



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8 responses to “Veganmofo 12: Poll: Seitanic Confessions (set puns to stun, possibly ouch)

  1. fortheloveofguava

    I really wish I’d made my own seitan before just so I could have a witty response to this pun-filled post!

  2. aw, i’m gluten free this month, so we are a seitan free home (the “evil stay away” candles have obviously been working).


  3. What a wonderful Halloween-ish post!

    So far, 3 people have voted and we’ve all picked a different method. Vegans certainly are a diverse bunch.

  4. Terry, what’s your preferred method?

    I do the steamed version most frequently, followed by baked in broth.

  5. I voted for steaming, as that is what I do most frequently. But I have been known to partake in all these methods, according to the leading of the Lord Seitan, and the manifestation he desires on any given day. I have a deep and twisted fondness for the broth-baked seitan loaf in Don’t Feed the Bears.

  6. I am baking and steaming. Depends on what I want to do with it. Baking for sausages, steaming for the rest.

  7. terryromero

    Thanks all for posting in my first poll and putting up with my choice of hideous poll template.

    For the record I believe steaming has won me over with it’s ease, dependability and minimal cleanup.

    While seitan chefs will do what they want depending on the desired results, but I’m definitely interested in what your go-to, hands-down, “have to make some seitan tonight or someone’s gonna pay”, method of preparation is.

  8. I’m so lazy, I just buy it in a package. White Wave rocks.

    I made seitan once back in the 90’s using the boil method. I’ll have to start making my own one of these days….

    Terry, I love the banner at the top of your page. Very beautiful and red.

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