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Fresh for 2010, an update!

Viva Vegan! book out April 27 2010

If you’re wondering if it does indeed feel embarrassing to tend to a much neglected blog, well wonder no more. Consider me humbled. I have seen your small requests, questions and posts and figured all the while that I should probably do something about this.

So, here’s the deal.

I am no longer in need of recipe testers at this moment, but I am deeply appreciative of all who responded. That germ of a cookbook idea is now nearly a fully assembled, typeset manuscript right next to me on my desk. The recipes are done and the photos are taken. I’m just in the home stretch of checking things once, maybe twice. Strange to realize that that what started actually two years ago is nearly over. It feels a little like coming home from a really long vacation to find that your luggage is already unpacked and your kitchen learned how to stock the fridge on it’s own.

But your testing requests will be answered someday soon: there will certainly be books in the near future and I’ll post up the need for testers once more.

Viva Vegan! (Vegan Recipes for Latin Food Lovers) is available for pre-order on Amazon and should be released April 27 2010. It feels surreal writing 2010 and realizing that means right now, not 2008. My publisher would have an official release date of May 5th for that proper tamale-festival feel. We’ll know more as those dates approach. Hopefully by the end of this month the manuscript will be out of my hair for good, once and for all. Margaritas on the house everyone!

In regards to this dusty little blog you see here, I aim to transform it into something more updated, more informative, more bloggy. Sites are set for sometime in mid-March.

Until then the best way to keep tabs on is via Twitter. Yeah, that thing, I’m on it now. Look for terryhope and follow me…never know I could follow you back. Until then, thanks for reading!



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