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Veganmofo 9: A little Thursday baking shwag

Gather ye knights around the Round Dish

Gather ye knights around the Round Dish

Nothing special to report, unless you’re a flour snob like me and can’t get enough of the King.

Well over a year ago Paula so wonderfully gave me a little bag of black cocoa from KA flour. Black cocoa being what it is, so intense and more of a flavoring than an ingredient, it lasted me through a year and beyond of cupcakes and holiday cookies. Until the summer that is. A plague of pantry moths spurred by the intense heat proceeded to decimate anything beany, nutty or floury in the cabinets, always before I could do anything about it. My precious bag of black cocoa went down with the best of them. Life goes on without making deeply dark Oreo-esque treats, but can we really call it living? Enough is enough already.

Blackest of the Black Cocoa, what started it all

Blackest of the Black Cocoa, what started it all

For some reason black cocoa in annoying elusive during my daily NYC travels. Isa of course had it magically stocked mere minutes away from her at the local Key Food or whatever in Brooklyn, but that’s Isa for you. For the rest of us there’s mail order and the joys of internet shopping.

Online shopping leaves me defenseless at times and I couldn’t resist picking up a few extra things. With the price of shipping being what it is might as well go bananas. Or in this case lemons. Lemon Powder claims to deliver maximum lemon flavor to baked goods beyond what fresh lemons can do. I also like the idea I can make things really lemony without upsetting the delicate liquid balance of the recipe.

Continuing the quest for flavor I threw in a bottle of baking emulsion, which apparently ain’t your mother’s baking extract. “Princess Cake” flavor, something citrus/vanilla/nutty, appealed to the six year old in me. Just opening up the bottle made my kitchen smell like a fantasy bakery owned and operated by both Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobby and My Little Pony. A little fake and intensely sweet but entirely yummy.

Along with the black cocoa I picked up some richly hued natural cocoa that has not been Dutch processes. Dutch processing is the most popular form of cocoa I find in stores here and usually the only kind. While Dutched cocoa has less natural acidity (and deeper color), its cocoa flavor somewhat mellowed unlike natural cocoa. I’m looking to make high voltage chocolate biscotti soon with a combo of both cocoas.

And what’s a kitchen splurge without a few gadgets? Not a gadget really, the huge stoneware deep dish pie plate was on-sale pie plate and screamed “buy me”! Just look at that baddass scene on it’s surface of King Arthur and his boys chillin’ by the Round Table. You just know they’re discussing import matters of the kingdom like the pros and cons of ground flax seeds vs. blended silken tofu.

The dough whisk, looking like modern art and reminding me of something I found flattened by the side of the road once, promises to be able to stir batters and dough of any strength. I use a rubber spatula to stir things 99.9% of the time, but I have to stay open minded. And if it fails to impress at least I hang it from the Xmas tree or beat a rug with.



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