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Veganmofo v.5: “Bring your chili relleno to work” day

Vegan Chili Relleno makes some office space

What a day. I’m such a noob to blogging and I hit my first bump wrangling hosted web images here. Yesterday’s photo-filled post came up blank for too many viewers. I hope I have it nailed now. Surely I’ll be hearing sooner or later if I do (or don’t).

If it weren’t enough I’ve also spent last night slaving over a hot stove, all in the name of vegan chili rellenos. And of course I forgot the camera at work, sigh. Hence the less than glamorous shot of my chili relleno (out of it’s native dinner environs) on my desktop for lunch. All cradled in pyrex and guacamole. Two of these tasty, comforting gutbombs and you’re set with eating for nearly the rest of the day.

Why chili rellenos, why now? It’s all for my upcoming Vegan Latina book in 2010 (expect more in the future). By the way I can’t believe I’m saying “twenty-ten” and not wearing a silver jumpsuit at the same time. Probably won’t fit into said silver jumpsuit if I keep these batter-coated hijinks up, so I’ll also be including a toothsome non-fried casserole variation of these as well.

I rarely shallow fry (if 2 inches of oil can be called that) so making these rellenos was a challenge to my comfort zone. After I got into a groove of battering and rolling around the chilies in hot oil it was no big thing. The farmer’s market last week was overrun with these huge blocky monster poblano chilies, which are exciting to dip in batter and sizzle really loud when they hit the oil. Apparently I don’t have enough to complain about, because these giant poblanos were magnificent and made some serious one-chili-a-person servings. In-person testers were delighted and satisfied with these crisp-but-puffy batter coated chilies stuffed with potato, corn and other good stuff.

The recipe is teetering on epic but when I get a chance later in the week I’ll post it for your frying pleasures.



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