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Veganmofo v.4: Weekend ‘mofoing

(Update: After some teeth-nashing this morning I think I finally got this photo thing working again)

How was your weekend? The weather gods smiled on NYC this weekend and blasted us with loads of sunshine, mild low 70’s days and cool and crisp fall-y nights. Now that my camera decided to finally make an appearance here’s a few pics from the past few days.

• Awesome vegan product to try: Penne Lane vegan ravioli.

If you live in the NY area (or as the website mentions the southwest too), your local gourmet store may be harboring some really great, restaurant-quality vegan ravioli in its fresh pasta section. I’ve been meaning to investigate why exactly this pasta company has three additional vegan varieties to its traditional line of raviolis, but I’m not exactly complaining here. These fresh ravioli are big, tasty, stuffed with a tofu-base and enriched with mushrooms or artichokes or veggies and other good things. Here I’ve sautéed cooked Portabella ravioli (my fave), in olive oil with garlic, thyme, basil and a splash of cooking sherry. Garlicky rainbow chard serves up great as a side.

• Fall into Middle Earth

Stay awhile, stay forever!

A handful of good friends and I set foot outside of the shire of Queens, deep into the hinterlands of Long Island, in search of Middle Earth. Which turns out to be a kickin’ pumpkin farm by the way. Family fun to be had including crawling around in a big fiberglass pumpkin, eating roasted corn on the cob, a pricey corn maze and pumpkin picking of course. Much market stand fruit and veggie fun was to be had on the journey home too. Not shown are my new family of gorgeous pumpkins, living large on the dining room table now. Just tell them the pie crust I’m making is for the new peck of Cortland apples on the counter instead, okay?

Middle Earth to-dos

Above: Ring toss Ent style, Corny, With market crash and housing costs…you’ll be happy to call a pumpkin home soon

• Robotic bake sale update
PB Lazer eyes

What did you miss? Deadly delicious cookies, that’s what. It’s not too late…two more performances and more bake sale this coming Friday and Saturday.

• Last of the kimchi

Kimchi pancake

Lastly but never least I found a fitting home for an old batch of homemade kimchi (developed for an upcoming Vegnews article in the winter). Well fermented after a few weeks in the fridge, it lost some of it’s crunch and gained some extra kimchi juice. But no need to toss since it’s still as explosively yum as ever. Perfect for one of the traditional Korean destinations for kimchi, the tasty and fun to eat savory pancake pajeon!

I’m still tweaking this vegan variation a bit, but the results made a great lunch today. I like my kimchi pancake a bit well done, served up with the a classic sweetened soy-vinegar-sesame oil dipping sauce.

A good weekend, and a great start to a week of veganmofo style.



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